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Debora Vance Lead Designer and Project Manager for Advantage Property Improvements
Testimonial for Advantage Property Improvements in Midland, Ontario Canada by Julianne Budd, Remax Realty Services

Design is in my heart

My mission and commitment is that your needs always lead the design process; that we create a space where you feel comfortable, and the space makes sense for its intended use.  I use a circle in my logo as a constant focus that the client desire is at the center of everything I do.


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My first true interior design project was my college dorm room at the University of Toronto.  I created a ceiling of clouds with thumb tacks and hand painted sheets, and a wall of vinyl records behind the seating area that was made from plywood and upholstered cushions.

Over the past 30+ years my sensibilities have changed and expanded. I have a unique perspective and eye for design to bring to the table.

Having the fortune to travel the world and see the greatest architecture and art created by man has given me a hands-on education of historical and contemporary structures of all periods, including modern additions and remodels to the most historic of buildings.

Designers, like artists, are known for their particular style. You see the design, hear the song, see their art and immediately recognize the work and are able to attribute it to the artist or designer.  When you see the Mona Lisa you think of Rembrandt. When you see Mission or Arts and Crafts style furniture or homes you think of Stickley, and when you think of a controversial artist known for dark humor, political satire and street art you think of Bansky. Likewise, with many interior designers, they have a signature style they are comfortable working with.

I am not pinned down to a particular style. With my unique background combined with my instinctive curiosity, I constantly strive to create a space that encompasses the vision and needs of my clients. As seen in my testimonials and portfolio, I am equally comfortable creating a traditional design as I am creating a minimalist design – or any combination in between.

I truly love to challenge myself and create that dream space for my client – whatever their design esthetic may be!

Seen on HGTV, Recipient of HOUZZ design awards

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